PASSION – DETERMINATION – GRIND – PURPOSE The Shed Fit Factory is the ultimate training facility. Our passion for engaging with our Shed Family sets us apart from all others! The Shed Fit Factory is a life changing, mentality shifting fitness experience.

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The Shed is not for the random individual looking to stop by a gym every once in a while; it is for the individual who lives and breathes the lifestyle or the individual looking to make that their way of life. To cultivate this mentality, The Shed will provide a desirable, motivating and unique experience for each of our individual members.


The depth of the programs we offer allows us to help members achieve their goals while connecting and engaging them in their areas of passion. These programs allow the Shed Team to remain 100% hands-on with our clients and offer out-of-the-box training styles.


The programs offered by the Shed include a wide range of fitness genres such as group fitness, yoga, bootcamps, nutrition, recovery and of course, personal training. 


We will also host a number of events outside of The Shed. We desire is to work with and continue partnerships with local health businesses as well as allow our members to help make an impact on their community.

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